Aleksandar Stoisavljevic
Aleksandar Stoisavljevic



Aleksandar is accomplished individual with a strong background in Java (12+ years in IT business). He believes in the power of the Internet, have a desire to learn more and to also be involved in its future development. He is also goal oriented, analytical and sharp individual with a lot of energy and also spread that inspiration among his co-workers. Comming from city of Novi Sad, one of the bigest IT centers in Serbia, Aleksandar has been working in various environments. His professional career starts as desktop application developer using Delphi IDE. In 2007 he joined international company Levi9 as Java Web developer. Last three years he was working on a position as a Software Architect. As from September 2017 Aleksandar started own consultancy company Nova IT. In private life husband, father of 2: boy and little girl, likes to play table tennis.


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