Jolokia is a JMX-HTTP bridge which alleviates the pain of accessing JMX remotely. It is an agent based approach with support for many platforms and is integrated into popular software like Spring Boot, ActiveMQ, hawt.io or OpenShift xPaaS Middleware Images. The next major version 2.0 brings exciting new features: JMX notification support over HTTP, new backend providers in addition to JMX so that for example Spring beans can exposed over Jolokia directly plus an internal agent modularisation which allows for custom sized Jolokia agents with only the required features. This talk starts with an overview over Jolokia and which problems it solves, before the Jolokia 2.0 features will be presented in an extensive live demo. At the end you will have a good impression what is possible with JMX nowadays and how Jolokia can help you with your application monitoring and management tasks.