The journey of a BI database stack to the cloud



BI is and can be a complex matter in big organisations. This presentation will tell the story about a strategic business decision to move the on premise BI stack to the Microsoft Azure cloud. The main focus is on how the Oracle Database is moved as the application servers were moved using a lift and ship mechanism.

This presentation will cover: - how we managed to move +300TB divided over several multi Tb databases to the cloud, - which services were chosen to run the database servers and why, - how performance testing and sizing has been done - how automatic provisioning has been done for providing developers what they need in agreed SLA's, - how we dealed with the short deadline, - why the Azure Cloud was chosen over the Oracle cloud, - Cost savings?

The deadline of the project was end of the year 2016. This gives the opportunity to give you an insight in a very fresh project of the move to the cloud for a complete BI environment.