VOODOO - the black magic of cheep cross-database replication

Kamil Stawiarski
engKamil Stawiarski
ORA-600 | Database Whisperersace director



The history why we wrote our own replication tool between Oracle and PostgreSQL with a bit of low level archivelog architecture explanation.

  • We shuld buy a bar!
  • Of course we should buy a bar!!! Brilliant why we didn't think about it earlier!?
  • Do you have a few hundred thousand euros?
  • A pint then?
  • A pint then.

We all want to have a bar and drive Porshe... But in most of the cases we can afford only a few pints and drive with VW. Replication engines are expensive and buying something like Golden Gate when you only have SE database and you want to replicate it to PostgreSQL is like buying a single malt to make Cola taste more bearable. That's why we wrote our own replicator tool. A simple one. A cheep one. Nothing fancy. But it works. And we will use this subject as an excuse to show some low level archivelog tricks.