Friday, 8th of September and Saturday, 9th of September,
Rogla resort, Slovenia


As can be reviewed from the date and the location of the event, this meetup is something special.

We are happy to inform you that Unior d. d. from Zreče suggested at the last such meetup to host our next event. We are both focused on organizing the event on an exciting location - The Rogla Resort. As for every meetup, it is very much appreciated to get high attendance as well as exchange opinions among attendees and just "hang out". Considering the location and the socializing aspect of this meeting, we have decided to make the 6th meetup a two-day event. This way there will be enough time for everyone to enjoy the excellent presentations as well as all the entertainment program - for APEX enthusiasts and their family members. So, if you wish to bring along your loved ones, we will be happy to meet them so we can spend a great weekend in Rogla Resort together.



The event starts on Friday afternoon with three presentations. The exact time will be given (just-)in time.

We will start by looking the examples of APEX usage in the company Unior. One of these will be an example on how to extend the usage of Oracle EBS. Following will be the on-line presentation by Shakeeb Rahman (APEX developer team member and the author of the Universal theme). After the on-line presentation Peter Ragantisch will tell us how to find bugs in APEX applications and Marko Goricki will have a presentation about APEX Nitro.

After the initial presentations, the social part of the event begins. To make things a bit different we will organize a quiz with Unior on the topics of APEX, Unior itself and the location of this event. Great prices are guaranteed for the best competitors!

APEX in Unior Zreče, Dragan Marinović, Unior d.d.

The center of the Universal Theme, Shakeeb Rahman, Oracle

It wasn't me - finding bugs in APEX Applications, Peter Raganitsch, FOEX Gmbh

APEX Nitro, Marko Gorički, Bilog

Quiz and networking



While APEX enthusiasts attend the presentations, their family members will be well taken care of. Depending on the number of attendees, the following activities will be organized:

  • An introduction class to Nordic walking
  • Swimming in the resort's swimming pool (3hrs ticket for adults 7,50€, children 4,50€)
  • Swimming with sauna treatments (18€)
  • Wellness massages (by preliminary arrangement: 20min for 28€). For organization purposes, you are required to make a preliminary reservation by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]. If you would like to schedule a massage, please do so by Friday, 8th of September till 9AM.

Saturday will also be something special. There will be 3-4hrs long activities organized for all the attendees and their family members:

  • Team building games
  • Rides along the adrenalin sledding path
  • Visit of the Elf's path

Swimming, saunas and massages by preliminary arrangement or reservations made at the hotel's reception's desk.

Lodging and accommodation

This meetup is a two-day event. You can also attend on Friday afternoon only. For all of you who will stay at the event for 2 or 3 days, Unior has provided some attractive lodging and accommodations options:

  • 5 bungalows to rent (40€ per bungalow per night, holds 4-6 persons). We give priority to those who make reservations for at least 4 persons.
  • 6-person bungalow to rent (68€ per day + 30€ for cleanup)
  • 4-person bungalow to rent (56€ per day + 20€ for cleanup)

If you would like lodging and accommodation in a hotel, please send your wishes to the following email address: [email protected]. Use the address also for bungalow reservations. The reservation must include the following information: check-in, check-out, number of guests, guest details.

For all extra information regarding lodging and accomodation, please turn to the following email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]


Attendance at the Apex Meetup is free of charge. Other expenses such as lodging and accommodation, must be payed at the reception's desk in Hotel Planja.

All cancelations must be received by Friday, 28th of August 2017. In case you do not cancel the reservation and you do not attend the event, you will be charged 35€ of administrative expenses.

We are looking forward to meeting with you at the Rogla resort.



If you have any extra questions regarding APEX Meetup don't hesitate to contact Aljaz Mali ([email protected]) or Janez Zaletel ([email protected]).


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