MySQL workshop

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17. Marec ob 16:30

The new MySQL Database Service & Heatwave for Analytics, Carsten Thalheimer and Vittorio Cioe

100% Developed, Managed and Supported by the Oracle MySQL and Oracle Labs Team

Duration: 90min

Everyone is talking about the cloud, a good reason to dive into the database side of it.

Oracle has made huge progress in the past 10 years and MySQL now plays at a very different level than back in the old times. Today, MySQL is the one of the most commonly used databases. This is particularity true for databases used in the Cloud. Earlier in 2020 MySQL launched the new MySQL Database Service built on Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle MySQL Database Service is a fully managed database service that enables organizations to deploy cloud native applications using the world’s most popular open source database. It is 100% developed, managed, and supported by the MySQL team.

On top of this Service MySQL is going to offer a dedicated Analytics Service called MySQL HeatWave. This new unique service offers a single platform for all of your OLTP & OLAP/analytics needs. Customers can now run all their OLTP and analytics workloads with MySQL without the need to move their data out of MySQL or without, MySQL HeatWave offers extreme performance in real time due its in Memory Machine learning based automation. It can scale to hundreds of cores and provides around 500x speedup over MySQL requiring any change to their application.


  1. MySQL Databases Service (30min)

  2. MySQL Heatwave for Analytics (30min)

  3. Demo (15min)

  4. [ Q&A (15min) ]

Carsten Thalheimer has worked for over 20 years in IT industry and worked for Integrata AG, SCO Group Inc., Tarantella Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. Since 2010 he works as a MySQL Solution Engineer for the Oracle MySQL GBU in Oracle. He advises strategic customers in the EMEA region on the use of Oracle MySQL Databases and Analytics Engine Services. His focus is on architectural planning of MySQL database concepts for business-critical deployments. He is presenting regularly at Oracle and Community Events like the FrOSCon, LOADays, DOAG and DOAG MySQL SIG, IT-Tagen, PHP Conferences and MySQL Tech Days.

Vittorio Cioe, Databases and Open Source technology enthusiast. Spent almost ten years working for world-leading technology companies, focusing on many aspects of a technology business, like infrastructure and security aspects of the application layer, but also middleware and web performance. Lastly, his long-standing passion for open-source technology and databases led him to Oracle, working with MySQL, the leading open-source database on the market, helping leading customers across Eastern Europe to successfully shape their projects. During his time at MySQL, he has also been presenting at many events around Europe, like OpenSource Day Warsaw, OpenSource Day Lisbon, DevTalks Bucharest, Highload++ Moscow, DevOps Days Kazan, and others.

HeatWave - a new in-memory query accelerator for MySQL, Nipun Agarwal

Duration: 45min

HeatWave is a new massively scalable in-memory query accelerator which has been designed to provide extreme performance for analytic workloads at cloud scale for data stored in a MYSQL database without the need for ETL. This engine scales to thousands of cores and provides orders of magnitude speedup over MySQL for analytic workloads. This service is 3x better in performance compared to other analytic services like Redshift at 1/3 the cost and without requiring customers to move their data out of MySQL. Customers can now run all their OLTP and analytics queries with MySQL without ETL and without requiring any change to their application. HeatWave is available in all commercial regions of OCI.

Nipun Agarwal is the head of engineering and product management of MySQL HeatWave. Prior to this role, Nipun was the Vice President of research and advanced development at Oracle Labs where he incubated a number of research initiatives including HeatWave with the aim of transferring these technologies into Oracle products. His interests include distributed data processing, machine learning, cloud computing and security. Prior to joining Oracle Labs, Nipun was part of the Oracle database team where he introduced a number of new features. He has been awarded over 170 patents.